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Kids! Served Through Opportunity ...

A group of dance, administrative and teaching professionals, and volunteers, drawn together by the need to ...

GIVE students in Flint, Michigan, exposure to the world by bringing the world - of dance and artistic performance - to them. 

Leveraging funds from public and private donations, we are able to bring year round programming to schools, churches, and special programs, for about $180 per child!

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Tapology.Org Summer Tap Beginners

These Children Need Your Help:

And more than 800 each year just like them!

Tapology programs include:  Summer Tap Intensive, After School Classes, Summer Camp, Fall Festival and Performance opportunities. 

Developed over the course of 14 years, the combination of Art, History and Physical Education help students by giving:

  • support for critical thinking and math skills
  • an understanding of the world outside of a child's natural boundaries
  • enhanced self confifdence and pride in positive accomplishment
  • exposure to the extreme work ethic associated with performance arts careers

The traits listed above are DIFFICULT to grade or measure; but they are EASY to spot in a young adult, who, as a student has received mentoring and a Caring Community of support on which to grow.

We are asking YOU to be a PARTNER in this Caring Community; to help provide the youth of lagging opportunity, environmental crisis and limited exposure to the Arts; the means to develop their own potential whether it be as an artist, an engineer, a lawyer, a contractor, or a writer.

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Contact Us: 

Alfred Bruce Bradley - Tapology CEO/ Executive Director

Alfred Bruce Bradley   

CEO / Executive Director

810 787-0197


Karen Tipper - Administrative Director / Fund Development

Karen Tipper

Administrative Director

Fund Development


248 245-1638


Sherry Bradley - Office Manager

Sherry Bradley

Office Manager

810 787-0197